Are Cane Corsos Aggressive? (Around People and Other Dogs)

Aggressive Cane Corso.

Being a Cane Corso owner is a very unique experience. One thing almost all Cane Corso owners will experience is people in public approaching and wanting to talk about the dog or having questions about the breed. Even though many people are just amazed by them, the most common question everybody asks is are Cane Corsos aggressive and dangerous?

From my years of experience owning and being around Cane Corsos, I can tell you with confidence: No, Cane Corsos are not aggressive. The misconception that they are aggressive comes from their physical look and the sheer power of the breed. In reality Cane Corsos are the gentlest breed you’ll ever come across.

They are very territorial and natural guardians, but that does not mean they will be aggressive or attack anyone without any reason whatsoever. When among people and other dogs that their owner is friendly with or in public, they are playful and just the perfect pet to have.

Let’s dive in a bit more into their personality traits and see what Cane Corsos are really like.

The Cane Corso Temperament

I just want to start by saying every dog has their individual traits and their personality, but there are still some traits that are specific to the breed. These are the traits that make Cane Corsos a  superior breed… A great guard dog as well as the perfect gentle companion.

  • Careful with strangers. By nature, Cane Corsos are a bit reserved when seeing a stranger for the first time. Their guardian instinct kicks in when meeting somebody for the first time until they spend a few minutes with them and get to know them. After that, they’ll meet the cuddly giant that he is.
  • Territorial and protective of their owners. They have a natural instinct to protect their territory (yard, home, etc.) and protect their owners from any danger. That is completely normal since they were bred for thousands of years to do exactly that. If they see somebody breaking into your backyard or just running with a bad intent towards you, they’ll immediately get into their protective stance in front of you and start barking. Even then, you’ll see that they are very composed and never attack unless the danger gets too big.
  • Highly intelligent. In my experience, Cane Corsos are one of the smartest breeds and are one of the easiest to train. Their intelligence allows them to understand situations better and make good decisions. Their emotional intelligence is also very high, and that is what makes them a perfect buddy to have in your home.
  • They love to please and love attention. If you own a Cane Corso, you know what I’m talking about. They just love to cuddle, they love your attention and are overall just big babies. When you sit, they’ll sit next to you and ask for some love, when you walk, they’ll follow you around, even when you stand, you’ll notice they’ll stand next to you and lean on you.

Physical Build

People like to assume that when a dog is big, muscular and just looks a bit scary that it’s automatically aggressive. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong in this case. However, their looks and physical abilities do contribute to their role as guard dogs.

  • Large dogs. They are one of the larger dog breeds that can way anywhere from 90 to 140 pounds. Even with that amount of weight, they are still lean and very agile.
  • Muscular and powerful bodies. Cane Corsos are very strong and powerful which makes them the perfect guard dog.
  • Cropped ears. Traditionally, Cane Corso owners crop their dogs’ ears. There are different reasons people used to do this, but now it’s mainly because of aesthetic reasons. It gives them a recognizable look that potential intruders do find scary.
  • Thick strong necks. One more thing that sets apart Cane Corsos from other breeds are their strong powerful necks.
  • Proud posture. As you may have noticed, Cane Corsos have a strong stance with their head held up high, especially when they get alert. This too has a big impact on why they are great protectors.

Cane Corso Around Kids

The main reason people ask me if Cane Corsos are aggressive or dangerous is to know whether they should let their kids play with them or even be near them. The truth is, you will never see a dog that is better around kids than the Cane Corso. They love children and even without any training you’ll see them jumping to protect your kids if they sense any danger.

They are affectionate creatures. Kids enjoy showing their affection and they also love receiving it back. With Cane Corsos that is exactly what you’ll see. They are always ready for endless amounts of hugs, kisses and petting. They know that they need to be gentle and careful as well, so they are a perfect match with the kids.

They are protective and caring. With kids this is something that really gets noticed. You’ll even see Cane Corsos howling and getting ‘worried’ when they hear a baby or a kid cry. It’s one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen, honestly.

They are great for exercise. With Cane Corsos being a working breed that needs their daily exercise and kids having their endless amounts of energy, they become the perfect combination. Cane Corsos are very tolerant too, so they will be able to run around and play with the kids all day long without any trouble.

Cane Corso Around Other Dogs

Are Cane Corsos good with other dogs? Cane Corsos are usually great around other dogs and amazing play buddies, but can cause problems with other dogs of the same sex if not socialized properly.

This is only in cases where early socialization isn’t done when they are still puppies, so by instinct they get territorial. It’s important to take your Cane Corso for walks around dog parks while he’s still a puppy.

In general, they are very playful, full of energy and great with other dogs.

Daily Exercise Requirements

Cane Corsos are working dogs, bred for thousands of years as work and guard dogs, which means they do need their daily amount of exercise. This does not mean you have to take them running for five miles every day, but you do have to take them out for walks and provide them with some play time every day.

If you’re getting a Cane Corso as a family dog, having kids around will be a great exercise for the dog and the kids as well.

Keep in mind, some families just don’t have the time or the energy to take their dogs out for walks or play with them. If you’re one of these people, maybe this breed is not the right fit for you.

Breaking The Prejudice

People like to judge dogs too quickly and just based on appearance. Contrary to their beliefs, Cane Corsos are not aggressive or a dangerous dog breed. Cane Corsos are great family pets and one of the most affectionate beings I’ve ever seen.

Their guardian instincts, their physical appearance, strength and size are what makes them even more unique and adorable when you see them goofing around with kids or other dogs.

It’s also an amazing feeling knowing that you have a Cane Corso at home, playing with your wife and kids knowing that they are completely safe and sound with their gentle giant.

Cane Corso Pets

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